Black Bar Stools


When we first got these stools, the wood was scratched and the leather was peeling as seen in the first few photos below. The client was reluctant to throw them out because the timber was very solid and we advised the client that they were made of good quality so decided to refurbish.

The client requested that the colour of the wood be changed.

The original colour of the stool was brown but to suit more with the furniture that the client had, client asked us to paint the stools black. Before painting, we sanded back the wood then painted the wood with a few layers of gloss black.

For the upholstery, we applied new foam and dacron fibre to give a firm feel as the previous foam was starting to soften, for the fabric we used black vinyl to cover the seat. The type of vinyl we chose is usually used for motor trimming, but also can be used for upholstery it is more resistant from the sun than normal vinyls and it is quite thick and strong. Hence why the client wanted this type of vinyl, this ensures that the stools will last longer.

The client was very pleased with the end result. Before and after photos below….